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An Interview With the Kids, Again!

Earlier in our trip we interviewed the kids, and it turned out to be one of our most popular posts. So now that a year of adventure has come to a close and we are headed back to Portland, we are revisiting those same questions. We also asked the kids to choose some of their favorite pictures, and those are mixed in as well.

1: What do you miss most about Portland? Why?

Madeleine: I miss my Portland friends, and I can’t wait to tell them about the trip. I miss living in a house, but I still like boat living too.

Juliet: Seeing our cats. And bicycles.

The Parents Respond: The subject of our kids missing their friends and bicycles did come up a lot. We miss good coffee, and our friends too!

2: What makes you happy living on a boat?

Madeleine: Seeing all the fish. Going to the beach every day, which other kids don’t get to do. Learning about all the animals and starfish and jellyfish.

Juliet: Going to the beach everyday and seeing so many sea creatures. Especially seeing sharks.

The Parents Respond: It’s great that the kids appreciated nature so much! Discovering animals and reading about them online or in a guidebook was a favorite past time. We’re happy the kids had a good time, and that they became such good swimmers.

3: How have you changed? What is different about you?

Madeleine: I learned the rules that are important on a boat, like not wasting water or electricity.

Juliet: My skin is tan and my hair is more blond. And now I know a lot of sea creatures. And now I don’t pour too much milk on my cereal because sometimes you might run out.

The Parents Respond: Yep, everything they said is true!

4:What advice do you have for other kids who are about to move onto a boat?

Madeleine: You should turn off all electronics if there is a lightning storm because otherwise your instruments might get ruined. You should practice putting on sunscreen because your parents will make you put it on 8 million times a day.

Juliet: You might be scared of sea creatures but they’re nice. You’re going to learn a lot about things that live in the sea. You will have to be careful about lots of things.

The Parents Respond: Sunscreen 3x day is probably sufficient. But do pack plenty of sunscreen!

5: Is there anything you would change or do differently about this adventure? Why?

Madeleine: No, I wouldn’t change it. We had a good boat trip.

Juliet: I think that when I get back to my house I will still call the house a boat by accident.

The Parents Respond: We like Madeleine’s review of the experience! Making sure the kids enjoyed this adventure was very important to us.

6: What do you miss about the boat?

Madeleine: Going to the beach and swimming everyday. Meeting new friends, getting to play on the ipad on long sails. Seeing dolphins jump out of the water next to the boat. And getting to see a manatee for the first time.

Juliet: I miss every sea creature. And I miss having a boat to swim out to. And seeing jellyfish floating by our boat, I liked that.

The Parents Respond: Our first night in a hotel the kids said they couldn’t sleep because they missed the rocking of the boat, too cute! We miss the ocean breezes and sunsets.

7: How did homeschool go? Would would you like to do for next school year?

Madeleine: I hate homeschool! But I also like it because it’s much shorter than regular school. But homeschool is harder than regular school. I would prefer to do homeschool again next year.

Juliet: I don’t like homeschooling, I like regular school better because the teachers are better teachers because it’s their job, and my parents aren’t real teachers. I want to go back to regular school for next year. Wait, wait! Actually I don’t want to do school all day, I choose homeschool instead.

The Parents Respond: No way are we teaching homeschool next year. Juliet is right, we’re not real teachers. But the kids learned tons (we think) and the fact that they now think that living on a sailboat for a year is normal...well hopefully that helps them keep an open mind about the many paths life can take.

We just went back and reread that original post. Wow, our kids were much more verbose back then. After a year at sea, our pirate kids get right to the point!