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The Overdue Update

Sometimes a blog goes quiet for a while. Why?

Where have the authors gone? What are they doing that is more important that producing content? Was there a problem? A crisis? A big change? A man overboard?

In our case it wasn’t really any of those things.

Lately, our days have become an easy routine. We are now semi-competent at what we’re doing. We’ve just “settled in” and for some reason haven’t had the urge to write.

I’m not sure why we’ve been writing less. Is it because in the early scary days our blog was a lifeline to our old life and family? Is it because we keep visiting exciting places and seeing in amazing things to the point that it has become expected? Maybe it’s just because we’ve been posting to Facebook and Instagram more, and writing blog posts less?

Questions aside, here are the facts on what we’ve been doing:

We sailed to St. Martin. They are trying to recover from the hurricanes.

We sailed to the BVI. Much of what we’ve known from there is destroyed.

We sailed to the USVI. All the best moorings are wide open and uncrowded!

We moved on to the Spanish VI, which is our new favorite place.

We went back to the USVI and bought a new anchor chain.

We’ve hooked lots of fish, and had most of our lures bitten off. We’re switching to wire leader.

We've landed a couple of mahi-mahi, and snapper. The kids LOVE mahi-mahi. And snapper.

We’re back in Culebra and Culebrita. Please don’t look them up, or visit. We want to keep them for ourselves.

We’re moving on along the south shore of Puerto Rico, on our way to the Dominican Republic.

And a milestone: Sea Monkey has sailed more than 1000 nautical miles!