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Early December Update

Since leaving Grenada a few weeks back we have done more sailing than we've done in all the months since we arrived in September. We had that first bad sail from Grenada to Carriacou early in our adventure, but when we did it again a few weeks ago it was much better. Maybe because we were expecting the worse? Maybe because the winds were more favorable? Or was it because we stuck closer to the shelter of the island this time around (thereby using Grenada as our shield from big gusts and waves). Either way, there was no vomiting and only minimal nausea. I think Andy was disappointed that it wasn't a quicker trip, but as I told him: we were all pleasantly surprised by the smooth sailing; to us girls, he remains our most favorite captain :-)

After spending a few days in Carriacou/Sandy Island, we checked out of customs/immigration, bought 2 giant cinnamon rolls, and headed off to Union Island to check into our next chain of islands: St. Vincent and the Grenadines (all one country).

From Union Island we sailed to my most favorite place, the Tobago Cays. Reasons why I love this place: it's quiet, jet skis/fast boats are prohibited at it is within a turtle sanctuary, there are many small islands to explore, and I love the turtles (it never gets old spotting turtles coming up for a breath).

After reluctantly leaving the Tobago Cays we made our way to Canouan, only a short sail away. Right after we arrived and were setting the anchor, there was trouble in paradise. The heavy door that covers the anchor slammed shut on both of my big toes when a gust of wind blew it down. I haven't been able to run since, nor walk very far, but every day I see improvement. Canouan was quaint and friendly and I got to see the island from a golf cart!

​From Canouan, we went on to Mustique; island of the rich and famous. While I don't think Mick Jagger has a house there anymore, plenty of other well-to-do folks have bought up all the land and they really enjoy their privacy. My most favorite part of Mustique was the amazing little library and the huge playground behind the pre/primary schools.

$200 EC poorer (the mooring fee in Mustique), we headed onto Bequia where we are now. Truly, I am in love with this little island. While the people here are not as friendly as the Grenadians, they are a close second (really, I've never been to another country as welcoming as Grenada). The beaches are beautiful, the ocean the perfect shade of light crystal clear blue, the book swaps plentiful (oh, how I love getting my hands on a (new to me, not electronic!) book, the abundance of seafood, the tons of little shops and restaurants. I tend to get a little melancholy over the holidays when I'm away from my family, so this is the perfect place to be for now.

Interesting quotes:

“Wow! Your hair is like huge ... and frizzy … and blond!” Says Andy about his wife.

“The beach?! No, let's stay on the boat all day and play UNO!!” Juliet

“Passion fruit! I looooooove this stuff!” Juliet (the girl who's never met a piece of fruit she didn't like)

“Do we have to put sunscreen on AGAIN??” Madeleine

“Yes! I found Ghirardelli chocolate chips!” Gretel, always plotting her next batch of cookies.

Thank you, kind readers of this blog! We so appreciate your love and support.

Sea Monkey