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The First Week

I would like to start out by apologizing for not updating this blog sooner. It's been a busy week to say the least. Thank you all for asking how we have fared with Irma. It means so much to us to know so many friends and family are concerned about us. Love to you all!

Andy arrived last Monday before Hurricane Irma hit St. Martin, (she did not hit Grenada). We had put Sea Monkey on the hard before we left a few weeks back (in storage on land) and Andy had a heck of a time getting her into the water; the 3pm drop-in time ended up being delayed until it was dark, only to find that both engine batteries were dead. In the dark he could get the starboard engine jumped and limped into a dock space overnight at Clarke’s Court (where there are lots of mosquitos, and mosquitoes love Andy) before getting everything running and on to Prickly Bay, where we are currently anchored. (Quick shoutout to our friend Jeff who was here with us this first week, helping Andy get the boat in the water. Thanks, Jeff!)

The girls and I arrived one week later, thankfully on an uneventful flight from JFK (while Irma was actively thrashing Florida). It was rainy when we arrived and customs/immigration took its usual 1 hour plus time. I had warned the girls about the humidity but I think they were still surprised how sticky they felt. Also, they got rained on while sleeping in their cabins later that night. I have come to the realization that getting rained on in a sailboat just happens. Weighing in the need for ventilation and the chance for a downpour from an open hatch is tough, but chances are good that you'll wake up one night with raindrops on your face, or worse maybe a wet bunk.

Speaking of rain, we got a massive thunder and lightening storm early Wednesday morning. It was impressive! The hatches were closed without much ado, but both girls woke up from the very loud thunder cracks. They didn't seem scared, just annoyed that the weather had messed with their sleeping. Unfortunately, another leak was discovered in Andy’s and my the triage of what needs to be dealt with at this time, we thought that should be near the top, but not first.

Today, Andy spent some intimate moments with the generator which is first on our list to fix. Because, without the generator we can't make water OR power...we've only got about 15 gallons of water left and rainstorms keeping shading our solar. If it's not one thing that needs fixing it's another. (Update: He did it! He fixed the generator!) As of this post going live, the watermaker itself is still failing for some reason.

We've both always knew that things break on boats all the time. We knew that things takes time to fix. But, wow we seem to spend a lot of time just figuring out where things go and how things get fixed. I imagine we'll start to feel settled soon, and the girls are luckily just going with the flow as we try to establish our routine here in Grenada.

On a side note: I've really had to curb my honey-do list. There's so much I would like done (the heads (bathrooms) are a whole other story), but we are doing what we can with what we have...which is a lot. We have much to be thankful for: the amazing sunsets, new friends we’re making, swimming off the back of the boat, exploring a new island and its people, spending time together, challenging ourselves in new ways. More to come as this adventure unfolds...

Fabulous quotes this week:

"Mommy, hand me my sky scope please. I need to check out these stars!" Juliet

"People should know that sailing is not all pretty all the time." Andy, as he was sweating profusely while trying to fix the generator 

"Whoa! That was a big one!" Jules (groggy) talking about the thunder and lightening during our big storm at 5am

"I've decided I really like the boat rocking." Madeleine as she talks about getting her sea legs

"Fish alert, fish alert!" The girls, while snorkeling today

"Wow, this beer is making me drunk!" Gretel, after a half of a bottle of beer (Guinness is 7.5% alcohol down here!)