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Current Emotion: Sad. And, Getting Excited!!

It’s finally coming together. Over a year of planning/preparing/executing...and we leave today. Today!

It all started with the Bon Voyage party at the beginning of the week. Wow, do we feel special! Such a great turnout from people who are genuinely excited for us to go on this life adventure. We feel SO thankful.

Things got even more real the day after the party when the mail didn’t show up. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE MAIL. It’s true. There was no grace period of a few days (as I expected), it just stopped coming (as previously scheduled).

I’m going to miss my people; my friends, my neighbors, my church family, my soccer team, my cats. My people; this is what I will miss the most.

Secondly, and in no particular order I will also miss:

My washing machine (stay tuned for a post later in the year about how we wash our clothes on the boat!),

my bed,

the morning walk from the house to elementary school with a gaggle of neighbor kids, the new coffee shop down the road (I’m really promising to get my caffeine addiction under control this year (I’ll let you all know how that goes :-0)),

my neighbors wandering over to join us for dinner or to drink a glass of wine and chat,

my pillow (I just made a decision: I’m taking my pillow with me!),

the dishwasher,

(physical) space!,

Oregon pinot noir,

having someone else school my children (this homeschooling business might be the death of me!).

And, these are the things I am excited about:

Stepping outside my comfortable (i.e. complacent) life,

experiencing other cultures and seeing the excitement in my children’s eyes as they experience it,

feeling empowered to try new things (I’ve already got the hang of starting and driving the dinghy from our visit to Grenada a few weeks ago, so what do I take on next?),

empowering my children to try new things/eat new foods (breadfruit, anyone? Yum!),

the chance to reconnect with my kids when they’re away from their scheduled activities/long days of school/electronics,

to feel dirty and sweaty in the Caribbean heat and be (mostly) okay with it, and lastly, meeting new people.

There's more, I just know it. But, my brain is a bit tired from all the packing/planning/partying. Off we go on our drive across the country, which will end in NY where we get to spend time with our East coast people until we board the boat in Grenada in early September.

Stay tuned: Andy has some upcoming posts about buying the boat...