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Here are my biggest fears, the things that scare me the most about our plans to live on the boat for a year:

1. My kids will drown or get sick and I won't be able to fix them. 2. The boat will take on water and sink or the boat will start on fire and sink.

That's the list. 2 things. It's not a long list, but those are big enough things to keep me worried. Admittedly, there are a few other things that cross my mind from time to time and they come to me in no particular order...

-I will drive my husband bonkers.

-Boat schooling will not prepare the kids well enough to enter their next grades comfortably.

-I will get injured/drown.

-Andy will get injured/drown.

-I won't like being a cruiser.

-My kids will drive me bonkers.

-Regarding Grenada; There are no seat belts on the “buses” and they drive like lunatics. Granted they are good drivers, but why can't there be seat belts?!

To ameliorate these issues, I have decided to do the following:

-Safety first, always (Except in the Grenada buses, where I will be that annoying mom that gets in the bus and searches for non-existent seat belts...every...single...time).

-Check the bilge every morning.

-Let go of my anxious tendencies.I can try my best, dear Andy. :-)

.-Stay calm when things get rough/tough.

-Exercise. Although running in Grenada seems entirely impossible with the traffic/death defying roads/nonexistent sidewalks.

-Dance often. I have decided to institute mandatory dance time at the stern every night and I already have some songs picked out.

-And...just have freaking fun! Because this is an opportunity that we have worked our butts off for, and life is short.