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The Who, Why, What, How, and When of Sailing Sea Monkey

4 Monkeys at Sea….


We are the Miller Family: Gretel, Andy, Madeleine (8), and Juliet (6). Despite having good jobs, a nice house, and a pretty decent life….we started to wonder if there is more to life.


Some friends don’t question the goals of this adventure. They’re happy for us, or envious, or incredulous. They accept it as a good idea, or a crazy one, or just a dream untethered from reality.

Other folks do question the what/why/how of our adventure. Why give up a perfectly good life to do something unconventional, possibly dangerous, and certainly disruptive of our routine. We have a nice life with steady jobs, and great kids with a good school just a few blocks away.

So why go? For years we had talked about living differently, and this year we finally decided to change the life we’d been living. There was no big epiphany, no major life change, just a sense that if we could go, then maybe we should. Rather than ask “why”, I suggest that the better question is “Why NOT?”

Many people have some form of the same dream: to take time off, to travel, to sail away, to be off the grid. These are all variants of the same general premise: there must be more to life than this routine. We debated and discussed for years before deciding to go, and kept coming back to the realization that if we didn’t at least try to make this adventure happen, we’d always wish that we had. So we’re going.


4 people, one 40’ sailing catamaran. We’ll be living on board, traveling, homeschooling. We will be living one day at time and not thinking too much about the future so that we can live in the present. Maybe that sounds a little too philosophical, but it also sounds very good and wonderfully refreshing...


We will be gone from our house for 1 year, maybe more, maybe less. We leave Portland, Oregon July 28th, drive East for a week, explore, and probably find our way to the boat in September. We really like the idea of not having a plan and instead following our whims and the winds. In the most general of terms, the boat is in Grenada so we will start there and be in that area until the end of hurricane season (November 1), will work our way gradually north arriving in the USVI sometime around Christmas, then will continue on to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, possibly Cuba, the Bahamas, and on to Florida. We’re happy to hear suggestions, and we welcome guests to choose places to visit!