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So many things to do!

We bought a boat from over 3000 miles away…

Before it had just been a dream; now things just got real. So much that I had been putting off--even taking the time to allow myself to believe that this whole big adventure might even really happen--now really needed to happen. There has been so much to do! We bought the boat in April, (but I'd never seen it!) and now it is just 3 weeks before we leave on our trip.

So far we've done a lot: I saw the boat for the first time (with the warning from Andy that it was certainly not going to be as nice as the newer catamaran we chartered for a week in May 2016) but I was not disappointed! It's a great boat with watermaker and solar panels....but more on the boat in another post.

I consulted the CDC website to determine what immunizations my family and I would need (surprisingly everyone had mostly everything that they suggest). We all still need to take our Typhoid pills at the end of July. I got my 1st of 2 Hepatitis A shots, which is a 2-shot series that the CDC recommends for where we will be sailing. The first was in January, and the second will be the day before we leave the house in Portland. (Did you know you could just walk into a pharmacy and ask for the Hep A shot, no doctors prescription required? Me neither!)

We found and got set up with a mail-forwarding company located in Seattle, popular with cruisers, who we will use.

We found renters that will move in on August 1st (and most importantly, they will take care of our beloved kitties!).

We had a discussion with our fabulous pediatrician who was willing to recommend and prescribe the possible meds that the kids might use while away on a boat visiting different countries for the next year.

We researched kid jackets, tethering systems (rock-climbing harnesses work well and we already have those-bonus!), etc.

Renewed Andy's passport and obtained passports for the kids. The kids enjoyed this visit to get their first photo ID.

I bought a heap of rash guards and sun hats (with a strap) and bathing suits and sun dresses.

We reassured out parents that we were indeed not crazy and yes, this really was happening.

We told our jobs about our "leave of absences" (the sweet little hospital I work for has truly been the best).

We told the kids' teachers about our plan....and, they were truly excited for us. And, pretty helpful too.

I took 2 local sailing courses with the American Sailing Association and learned a lot!

I have scheduled/attended all the last-minute doctors and dentists appointments that we each have needed.

Andy and I have talked with the kids together and one-on-one to gauge their comfort levels with this whole idea of sailing. They are amazing kids and totally up for the adventure. Madeleine (8) and Juliet (almost 6) expressed only that they will miss their friends, but are also truly excited for this adventure.

After much deliberation, we decided on a name for our blog. We always knew the name of the boat would be "Sea Monkey." (We have a thing with monkey's, it's true ;-)) But, it took us awhile to actually choose a name for the blog (Sailing Sea Monkey just sounded right).

We got our finances in order (well we are continuing to do so). And we met with a lawyer to make our wills and get our affairs in order.

So much more went into what was done to get ready, and I really can't say enough about the book "Voyaging with Kids."

Made a list of repairs the boat needs. It's amazing how much work a boat that is "sail away ready" actually needs!

Oh, and I finally got to meet Sea Monkey in person for the first time. More on that next time!

Please, no pictures until I get my coffee.